“...like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season and whose
leaf does not wither...”

Psalms 1:3

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Youth are Leaving

Many youth who are currently active in their Christian faith find it difficult to keep their faith as they become young adults. From high school to university, and from university to career market, many find the transition difficult and depart from churches at alarming rates.

Church youth groups and Highschool Christian clubs need coaching

Many immigrant churches and high school Christian clubs have difficulty securing resources and mentorship for the youth. For many youth ministries, youth workers often lack expertise, network, and support necessary to sustain and thrive youth ministry in the long term. Much of their identity building events are happening in their lives, but they lack mentors who can walk along and guide them in their life journey.

God is Moving

God is stirring up the hearts of many youth workers and youth students in our generation. Despite the culture of apathy and even hostility against Biblical Christiantiy, God is transforming lives and allowing beautiful partnerships to form to support the next generation.

Having invested decades into nextgen ministry, all of our staffs and streamside ministers come with a wealth of ministry experiences and cultural background to serve and build the youth of this generation.

We believe that working together with the local churches and everyone who has a heart to bless the nextgen will build and bless the emerging leaders of God’s kingdom.

Current Ministries

YouthWave Conference

YouthWave Conference is a Global leadership & Christ-Centered identity formation conference for the youth hosted by streamside ministry and churches in the San Francisco Bay, New York, and New Jersey area. We desire to mobilize the leaders of the next generation to encounter the love of Jesus Christ and to engage to grow in their God given identity and leadership. We envision to create a platform through our worship, elective seminars, small groups, mentorship, and fellowship where God will powerfully carry out His will for all of us.

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Summer Missions : Project Dream

Streamside offers international summer mission projects for youth students with emphasis on personal evangelism, global leadership perspective, English VBS, biblical theology, cultural exchange, and discipleship. Through project dream, participating youth and college students will have an opportunity to experience and encounter life-changing love and mercy of God for our world. They will learn first hand about cultural dynamics and awareness of our diverse world, gain a deeper understanding of social issues, and explore places of historical and cultural significance.

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Youth Ministers Network and Faith Community Ministry

Streamside offers “Morning Dew Community” and “Missio Dei Ministry” to build network among the college students and young single adults who desire to reach out and help build the youth of this generation. In this chaotic, broken, and lonely age, God visions to gather and build a faith community of young men and women like the morning dew. “Your people will freely join you, resplendent in holy armor on the great day of your conquest, Join you at the fresh break of day, join you with all the vigor of youth.” - Psalm 110:3 -

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High School Christian Club Leadership, Church Youth Group, & Community Service Partnership

Streamside offers coaching and mentorship to High school Christian Club leadership, church youth groups, and high school community service volunteers. As we engage and walk along side in their ups and downs of their high school life journey, we believe God will build them up in their God given identity to deepen their roots in the biblical values. We offer leadership development, Christ-centered identity formation, and global perspective trainings that will help them explore, discover, and grow in their faith. Also, we offer training to help them learn to share their faith and be agents of God’s love in their communities.

Art & Spiritual Formation : Hesed.Space

Streamside offers Christ-centered identity formation seminars & workshops for church youth and their parents. Many different mediums of art is used to explore, create, and express your God given identity in God. We are all created in the image of God and God's design of beautiful creativity and ability to create is alive and moving within all of us. Everyone carries their own stories. You have your own unique story that the Creator began your journey with. What is your story? You are invited to be imaginative, to be creative, and listen to YOUR story~

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